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Florida Vessel Collisions Lawyer

Types and Causes of Vessel Collisions

Collisions account for a majority of maritime accidents and usually occur as a result of crashing into another water vessel (running down) or a still object (allision). Such collisions could be related to recreational vessels such as boats and yachts or commercial vessels such as cruise ships and cargo ships.

Collisions with other vessels or fixed objects can easily be avoided if the driver obeys prescribed navigational safety rules. Even when no safety rules have been violated, negligent acts such as failing to respond to adverse weather and water conditions could lead to a collision. When the collision accident involves commercial vessels, it is often severe and can easily lead to serious injuries or even death of dock workers, crew members and passengers. In addition, the vessels involved in the collision may be severely damaged.

Vessel Collision Insurance Claims

Determining fault is one of the most important issues in settling maritime collision accident claims. Where there is a violation of a navigational rule or in the case of hitting a fixed object, there is a presumption of fault on the vessel operator. On the other hand, where two vessels collide and there has been no rule violations, determining fault becomes more technical.

Generally, marine insurance covers claims that arise out of damage or injury that occurred during the policy period and may cover loss or damage of the vessel or cargo. Marine Hull and Machinery (H&M) Insurance typically covers loss or damage to the vessel or its machinery. Cargo ships may also carry Marine Cargo Insurance which covers loss or damage to the goods carried in the vessels.

If you are at fault, and you carry marine insurance, you may be covered for any injuries sustained by the crew or passengers, loss or damage of cargo, or damage to the vessel. If the at-fault vessel carries insurance, her insurers may also be responsible for your payout.

Get Assistance from a Vessel Collisions Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a vessel collision, your maritime insurance claim may have been denied or you may have suffered severe injuries and are burdened with mounting medical bills. Like all personal injury claims, vessel collision injuries have a time limitation on when you can bring a claim. It is therefore, important to contact an experienced Maritime Attorney to handle your vessel collisions claim as soon as possible.

Lygnos Law Firm is experienced in vessel collision claims for personal injury and property damage. Attorney Michael Lygnos can advise you on your options as regards compensation and marine insurance payout. We’re only a phone call away and we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. To speak with a Maritime Attorney about your vessel collision injury or damage, please call (727) 726-9100 to speak with Michael Lygnos and schedule an appointment.