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Experienced Maritime Injury Lawyer

Lygnos Law Firm represents victims of accidents and injuries related to ships and watercraft. These types of accidents and injuries are called admiralty or maritime claims. We handle:

- Cruise Ship Passenger injuries and other claims.

- Yacht and Recreational boating accidents and injuries

- Injuries caused by BUI operators – Intoxicated operators of boats

- Crew member claims on vessels trading on the blue seas (ocean going & foreign trading) or on white water vessels (local coastwise trading).

Florida Boating Accident Injury Lawyer

We have represented passengers hurt on Cruise Ships, crew members of passenger vessels, fishing boats, gambling boats, supply boats, tugs, barges, tankers & cargo vessels. We have even represented visitors and workmen injured visiting, repairing, or servicing a vessel.

Admiralty and maritime claims are subject to special rules determined by Federal and State common law, determined by Judges rulings in past cases and sometimes, agreed to contractual provisions. Cruise Ship passenger claims are additionally subject to provisions in the ticket, which is considered the contract between the carrier and the passenger. You probably never read the small print of the ticket, few people do. We will be glad to explain the terms to you. But important facts to remember is that most Passenger claims must be filed in Federal Court in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and there are strict deadlines that you must comply with, or lose your right to recovery.

Mr. Michael N. Lygnos, Esq., will personally speak with you about your claim. Mr. Lygnos has been a Florida licensed attorney since 1986. Before attending law school, he worked as a Ship Manager, and as a crew member of American Merchant Ships. He has sailed on a tanker, container ships, break bulk cargo ships, a bulk carrier, tugs and barges, and supply vessels. He also has spent a lot of time on the water on recreational vessels from large sailboats and motor yachts to jet skis. Mr. Lygnos was a licensed deck officer in the United States Merchant Marine, who spent years in the classroom and as an apprentice learning all things about ship handling, navigation, safety, rules of the road, piloting, and marine regulations.

Call us at (727) 726-9100 to speak with an Attorney about your claim. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. If we take your case, you pay us a fee only if we recover money damages for you.